Resource Page


Whenever you are out of your depth, stumped, puzzled, or frustrated as a beekeeper, consult some resource persons or sites. Bee clubs often offer mentor programs, and monthly educational presentations.

And there is a wealth of information online!

First year care of your new colony, thanks to Randy Oliver.

A wealth of bee education, here!

And here!

Wax your plastic foundation for quick comb-building! Good experiment here.

Detailed, concise Varroa information.

More good Varroa information.

Effects of Varroa on the colony.

and I have deliberately placed after the Varroa information:

How to conduct an informative post mortem on a dead hive.

And… another post on how to do a good post mortem if you have winterkill.

How to set your hive up for winter.

Excellent winter feed technique that can save your bees.

Great blog on making winter candy supplement for your bees.

Using  Krabby Patties for winter feeding.

And….Spring Management technique.

Guide to medications, good info in spite of being advertising!

Great general purpose microscope for those who wish to learn to identify their own parasites and diseases.

Exhaustive planting list for the coastal Pacific Northwest…don’t forget the the heather,  catmint and Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus)!

Excellent publication on bee nutrition: Fat Bees Skinny Bees, by Doug Somerville

Also for the PacNW, the BC Apiculture calendar of the beekeeping year.

The Washington state beekeepers’ forum…great place to get answers to your beekeeping questions.

Small Hive Beetle information.

Beginning Beekeeping Handbook, University of Kentucky

Some E-Book links! Thanks to Susquehanna Valley Beekeepers

“Observant Beekeeping” by BC Bee Supply, Ian Fraser

Crush and Strain Honey Harvesting (all the backyard beek needs!) by Linda Tillman

Queen Rearing Calendar Generator

Excellent bee video channel



My favourite feeder, the Rapid Feeder, it is the bomb!!! Linda Tilman’s blog on this feeder, here.

My favourite outer cover, the Ultimate Hive Cover.

A nice queen catcher, the One-Handed Queen Catcher, well made and easy to use! photo below

one handed qc

My very favourite bottom board, the brilliant Country Rubes Screened Bottom Board, note it can be adapted to 8 frame boxes: they also have a kickass robbing screen and a small hive beetle refit available.

Observation hive! By Greg S. Long of Corvallis, Oregon. Beautiful woodwork.

And…get a nice tote for all your hiveside beekeeping stuff (especially your epipen and charged cell phone):

tool tote 1













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