About NewBees

This site will document  weekly beekeeping lessons, which cover the content contained in most beginning beekeeper or apprentice beekeeper programs.

I put this online resource together while teaching at Earthwise Society community garden and farm in Tsawwassen, BC, where I am known as “the bee lady”.

That year, the farm interns and apprentices expressed an interest in learning about beekeeping. So we took the plunge together, me as a first time instructor, and they as first time beekeepers.It was tons o’ fun!

The course was split into weekly offerings, outlining the topics we covered and the discussions we had.

The focus of this course of study was be helping new-bees avoid becoming the 80% of beekeepers that give up within three years of starting their beekeeping career. This frustration is often due to having the bees die out each season:

so we will focus on what a healthy colony looks like and how to keep it that way.

I began beekeeping in 2011, and am the beekeeper behind Boundary Bay Bees and Honey.

In Summer 2015, I completed the Journeyman qualification from the Washington State Beekeepers Association.

In 2016, I completed the Master Beekeeping level through the University of Montana.


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