Apprentice Beekeeper Course Outline

Apprentice Beekeeping

July-August 2015

Week One

-inspection technique

-bee biology

-genetic diversity in the hive

-colony development through the year

-organization of the colony

-sting basics

-bee kit contents

-beeyard notebook

Research presentations:

-diploid drones


-castes of bees


-readings for Week Two

-create beeyard notebook and basic inspection kit

Week Two

-beekeeping equipment basics and history

-alternative hive types

-beekeeping objectives

-ethical beekeeping

-notebook review

Research presentations:

-snelgrove board

-cloake board

-slatted rack

-Warré hive

-Top Bar hive

-horizontal Langstroth


-readings for Week Three

Week Three:

-starting new colonies

-site considerations

-bee health

-pests and diseases

-Varroa life cycle

-Varroa control

-the foulbroods

-forage dynamics

Research Presentations:


-viral diseases of honey bees

-identifying foulbroods


-readings for Week Four

Week Four

-Spring management


-swarm control measures

-queen rearing techniques

Research Presentations:

-bait hives

-nucleus hives, uses

-open brood nest



-readings for Week Five

Week Five

-Summer Management

-local nectar flow

-honey production

-supering techniques

Research Presentations:

-create a season long nectar planting scheme for our biozone x 3


-readings for Week Six

Week Six

-winter preparation

-winter hive configuration

-fall feeding

-wasp/robbing control

-honey processing and packaging

-wax handling and uses

-planning for the next season

-winter mite control

Research Presentations:

-oxalic acid vapour vs. drip x 3


-review and prep for exam

Week Seven:

Final Exam


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